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Nate's personal history using Linux 

Although his dad tried to get him interested in Linux in 1993, Nate really never displayed an interest in the OS until several years later when he began to take on more of the IT concerns at his job. Nate has been using Linux at home since 1998, beginning his foray into the arcane art of unix-like operating systems with Redhat's version 5.2. Things didn't go very well, frankly - and, disappointed (with himself, mainly) he gave up soon thereafter. He had much better luck with Redhat's version 6.1 (which he paid $75 for at CompUSA if memory serves). He began keeping a 'Linux diary' in 1999 so as not to forget all the cool little command line tricks he learned along the way. It wasn't until Mandrake 9.1 came along that Nate committed some of the more serious tasks at work to Linux (CVS, MySQL, php driven intranet, Jabber server, file sharing), and it was success with this install that led him to specify Linux as the platform for the company's ERP database (Oracle). Nate picked Redhat Enterprise for this mission critical platform, but has also used Ubuntu for the company's fax server, DSL 3.3 for a 'music on hold' server (on an old Celeron that would have been thrown away otherwise), and occassionally uses Knoppix live CDs to rescue data from broken Windows machines. Nate used Smoothwall for awhile until we got a hardware firewall instead, and uses firestarter to manage personal rules on his kid's machine.

Nate's Linux goals 
  • I'd like to become more proficient at administrative tasks
  • I want to learn how to 'roll my own', having never compiled my own kernel - I can still be considered quite the noob in that regard.
  • Still trying to decide whether to use a dedicated NAS (linux based of course) or to use a full blown PC for shared media storage at home.
Personal computers 
  • Apple Powerbook G4 1.5GHz Mac OS X 10.4.9
  • Dell Dimension 4100 running Ubuntu 7.10 (shared family machine)
  • IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad R61 WinXP (wife's machine)

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