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Meeting Place & Time

April 10th @ 8:00pm at the Woodbury Campus of Cold Spring Harbor Lab, in the Woodbury Auditorium


Ganeti: The open source virtualization cluster manager

Why manage Xen or KVM virtual machines manually? Ganeti lets you manage hundreds or thousands of VMs as one big virtual cluster across 2 to 200 physical machines.

The Ganeti Virtual Cluster management software is an open source project built on top of existing virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM and other Open Source software. Ganeti takes care of disk creation, migration, OS installation, shutdown, startup, and can be used to preemptively move a virtual machine off a physical machine that is starting to get sick. It doesn’t require a big expensive SAN, complicated networking, or a lot of money. The project is used around the world by many organizations; it is sponsored by Google and hosted at http://code.google.com/p/ganeti.

This talk will include a general overview of the system, a demo, plus an explanation of how virtualization improves Time Management for system administrators and our users alike.

Speaker bio: Tom Limoncelli is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and system administrator. His best-known books include Time Management for System Administrators (O’Reilly) and The Practice of System and Network Administration (Addison-Wesley). He received the SAGE 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award. He works at Google in NYC and blogs at http://EverythingSysadmin.com

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