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MailingList Rules


Etiquette on the LILUG mailing list. Rules of Thumb.

       1. Emote: If you tell a joke or you are feeling a strong emotion
       use a smile :), frown :( or whatever emoticon you prefer.  Emote
       early, emote often.
       2. Offtopic Posts:  Warn people if a post is off topic.  Most of
       us can use procmail and all of us should learn.  Offtopic is [OT]
       in the subject line.  [JOB] is for jobs, etc.
       3. No attachments:  There are hundreds of people on this mailing
       list.  You are not sending one attachment but several hundred.
       That is obviously wasteful unless explicitly necessary.
       4. Explain hyperlinks:  Please type at least a few words explaining
       where a hyperlink goes.  Spammers and phishers don't explain links
       and you know how many friends they make.
       5. Keep it PG unless it's news:  This will always be subjective.
       As a guide or an example legitimate obscene headline stories from
       sites like slashdot.org and lwn.net are OK.
       6. The mailing list archives are world searchable through the web.
       If at all possible, avoid attaching privacy statements, because
       anything you post to the list will become public.

There are plenty of nit picky points about these rules. For instance:

Many people use html attachments by default. Obviously these are not ideal but they are probably not a menace either. It is preferred if these are turned off. Add a background. Add a virtual card. Add a picture of your grandson. Multiply by the list, it adds up. There is plenty of free web hosting out there. Use a hyperlink for non text.

Obviously hyperlinks don't help warn us about a their content if they are an obscured code on tinyurl. If the words in the hyperlink are not crystal clear you should type a few words. When in doubt annotate.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation.

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