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Meeting Place & Time

December 11th @ 8:00pm at the LISTNet Digital Ballpark.

Main Topic

OpenSource Monitoring and Analytics with TICK stack

LILUG member Matt Surico will be discussing the TICK stack (Telegraf/InfluxDB/Chronograf/Kapacitor) which is a platform from InfluxData.

Matt will give a brief synopsis of what Time Series data is. He'll then explain each of the components of the TICK stack. Along the way there will be a live demo getting each part of the stack up and running using Docker.

The demo will also deploy another VM with sample Docker applications (using Ansible) and then examples of different types of monitoring will be shown. An introduction to some data analytics using the same platform will also be shown.

Overall, the goal will be to demonstrate how easy it is to put together a functioning OpenSource platform that can not only help monitor an infrastructure but also help mine certain information as well.

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