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Does anyone think that a small section jump menu would be helpful here? J 15:57, 25 April 2006 (EDT)

I added a counter for the number or articles but It isn't reflection the number accurately, any idea why? J 07:25, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

in8 comments 07FEB21

  • The layout of the site is quite good, but that initial link to 44 articles (the special All pages link) right up front compels me to click it every time for some reason, and it's gives just a really ugly three column listing of stuff - which might confuse some visitors. Perhaps that links shouldn't be so prominent? If others are like me, they may click on that link thinking it's a traditional 'site map', and really it's a special admin page with all pages, and pretty ugly at that. Also, members can't edit that page to make it any nicer, so it's just a source of frustration? :)
  • I second the thought of another menu item or link: Perhaps you could add a navigation item along the top called 'FAQs' or 'Content' or 'User contributions' or 'How Tos' or something? If a user has an article they want to contribute which isn't linked off a meeting, where is the appropriate place to go to add it?
  • Uploaded another version of the LILUG logo (it's very similar to what's up there, but with a real picture of the Montauk Lighthouse and some rounded lettering for your review. (I had once promised to try my hand at that, and never got around to it). I have absolutely no idea what license to release under, even after watching all of Matt Norwood's talk :) If I just want to give it to the organization and retain no rights to it, what should I do?

--J 22:32, 22 February 2007 (EST) Hey in8 I like your suggestions a lot! I agree about the link to the 44 articles. I'm not sure how to correct it except to exclude the meeting minutes or organizing them into another list themselves. If you'll notice the main page how to get started guide is basically a howto to edit wiki based projects. I like your logo a lot be sure to let us know what license you're releasing it under in case we want to use it for the future.

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