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Lilug IRC


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To talk to other lilug members live now just go here

If you have questions about Linux or even if you're just feeling lonely. You can can drop by our official IRC channel to talk to the people of LILUG in real time. It is located on the irc.freenode.net network channel #lilug. To connect you need an IRC client(Our list). Alternatively you can use a web based client hosted on lilug.dotcommie.net.

#lilug Information

  • Network: freenode.net
  • Server: irc.freenode.net more servers
  • Channel: #lilug

IRC Clients

Controversy Regarding Bots

A decision was made regarding the bots in the #lilug channel on IRC (irc.freenode.net). A disagreement has arose regarding the usefulness of bots in the channel. At this moment in time the channel moderator sees no reason to ban bots from the channel.

A compromise has been reached where anyone running a bot must end it in 'bot' which allows them to be easily recognizable and gives other users the ability to quickly filter them if they wish to do so. The bot should only respond when invoked by name. That is if someone types "5+5" or "weather 11967" the bot should remain quiet, on the other hand the if someone types in "xBot: 5+5" only then should the bot reply 10.

If you are using IRSSI and want to ignore the bots you can do the following:

/ignore -channels #lilug *bot
/ignore -channels #lilug -regexp -pattern (^lilugbot:|^tonybot:) * ALL

to save these changes to your config file you can use the save command


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