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LILUG General Meeting - Tuesday, 14 February, 2017


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Meeting Summary

LILUG President Matt Newhall opened the meeting at 20:05. This was the first meeting held at LISTNet's Digital Ballpark.

Main Speaker

Paul Trapani - LISTNet

Guest speaker Paul Trapani gave an overview of the Digital Ballpark in terms of history, concept and actual space.

Paul began by mentioning that Infosys International owns the building and that the Digital Ballpark currently occupies 9 offices. LISTNet began operating the Digital Ballpark here in May of 2016.

For those who are interested in occupying some of the available office space within the Digital Ballpark, the office space starts at $600/month. See Paul for more information. Some of the current tenants include Henry K. Studios' WRRS-DB radio, the Urban League (helping minority/disadvantaged youth get involved in computer programming), ObviPop (who are working on an app for paperless networking), SR Consulting (a custom .Net shop), Quotients (who've created an intelligent robot for Verizon/ATT networks), Skoop (who create loyalty cards for ice cream shops and pubs) and MindYolk (who create 3D animation for virtual reality advertising and product information for companies).

Paul concluded his talk by giving us a tour of the building.

Lightning Talks

Paul Trapani: Demonstration of EspoCRM.

Matt Newhall: Learn python! It can be learned in as little as one night if you are an experienced programmer.

Tom Rothamel: Demonstration of the requests python module ("http for humans" as he put it).


Free Books!

There are two places one can go for free information on learning various computer science-related topics:

Group Business

Next Month

We don't have a speaker yet for next month. As always, members are encouraged to give talks or find speakers from the outside to assist the LILUG government in this effort. We also hope to have WebAir come to give the talk on DDOS which originally was scheduled for this meeting at a future time.


The group consensus was to have the annual picnic on Saturday 24 June with a rain date of Sunday 25 June. As usual, the picnic will be held at Bethpage State Park and will begin at 12 noon. Matt N. will bring the basics: charcoal, hamburgers, buns, utensils. It's up to the rest of the group to bring anything else.

Matt N. closed the meeting at 21:52.

Msurico (talk) 05:13, 16 February 2017 (PST)

Contributed Notes on Meeting From Others

- none

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