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Think you have an idea for a meeting? Let us know here in the dropbox. Lilug is a community and depends on its members to stay on target with what they want to hear about.

Ideas for future meetings include:

  • An introduction to the Linux Distro Arch
  • An introduction to the Linux Distro Mint
  • Music production using linux, similiar to talk from this lug/ip member.
  • Video game emulation using linux or FOSS software, the list is immense.
  • PGP/GPG keysigning party, maybe a previous meeting explaining the benefits/process.
  • Backup systems for SOHO and casual linux users, possible include online backup services like sacred oak, ubuntu, dropbox and mozy.
  • Detailed demonstration discussion of port knocking with knockd.
  • Anonymous surfing with FOSS software tor,i2p,freenet,otr and mixmailers.
  • FreeS/WAN, Openswan and strongswan IPSEC implementations
  • Twinkle, and other SIP and VoIP clients for linux.
  • Running linux on embedded devices, such as the PSP, Nintendo DS, ZipIt, and Routers such as the WRT54G and the LaFonera.
  • How Lilug tapes, edits and posts our meetings all with FOSS software.
  • Cluster Computing, what it is, how it works, and what (open) software is used.
  • Overview of Psych Desktop, and what makes it so linux-like, as well as a live demo to write apps with or explain the inner workings.
  • Common linux desktop comparisons (XFCE, xmonad, awesome, fluxbox, lxde, unity)
  • OWASP and Application Security, Fuzzing Asterisk (a case study).
  • Penetration Testing with BackTrack and MetaSploit or general security related topics.
  • Bitcoin the decentralized p2p digital currency
  • A comprehensive overview of the boot process
  • Gentoo overview/walkthrough

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